Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bitter Sweet Festivities

As awful as it is to say, I somewhat dread christmas eve! To me it means we are nearing the end of the Christmas season! However, it is hard to dread it too much when it is so festive, especially when you get to spend it at Petite Louis! Here are some pictures from the night!

"Nebraska" movie viewing! 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Join The Rebel Side

WOW. It has been a long time it feels like! I wish I could say I did not remember to update my blog simply because I am bored and I do not know what else to do with myself, but that's the reality I am dealing with right now. Unfortunately I never updated with more pictures of my summer, so this post is going to be a catch up. The past four months will be moshed (not sure if thats a real word) into one! This post encompasses everything from my trip to Italy this summer to some recent pictures from Senior Yearr!

Love this song right now!

Little Compton Rhode Island

Little Compton RI

Little Compton RI: Outdoor Coffee Shop 

Italy Begins...

Friday night Street Festival! 

One of the many "Join The Rebel Side" sightings in Italy. By the end of the trip every time I saw one I had to take a picture!

Picnic in the Park in Lucca Italy 

One of the many Pizza Restaurants we ate at during our stay!

"Magic Water"

I wish I could remember where this was. It was AMAZING! We had to take a ski lift type trolley/tram in order to get up there! The view was incredible! 

Do not think I have ever had more bread and oil in my life! Soo good!

Pisa: Our assignment was to take portraits of tourists: I do not believe these are tourists but for whatever reason this was a favorite picture of mine! 

On top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa: Surreal Experience!

A side show when we were leaving Pisa to return to Lucca for the day! 

AND of courseee "The Leaning Tower" in all it's grandeur! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Sooo out of boredom as i sit and wait for my table for dinner I am posting some random pics of my summer! Most are from my time up in little Compton! I'll have more to come.. Some more interesting ones will come up in the future! Enjoy these random ones!

Friday, June 14, 2013

endless mud

It gets slightly boring when I am the only one looking at my blog, hence my reasoning for lack of posts. I have given up, but I am back; out of boredom. I just came back from Governors Ball in NYC this past weekend. It was so fun, but the rain managed to make it a little less fun. I dont think I have ever experienced so much mud in my life. The first day I came prepared with my rainboots, but in the end they gave me awful blisters. So the second day I was forced to wear my converse. By the end of the day on Saturday my ability to treck through the mud with my converse came to be a little hard to bare. By two I was already starting to feel the muckiness of mud in my shoes. Spotting Leandra, the author of The Man Repeller gave me enough excitement to get me through the day. I am not sure where I found the guts, but I went up to her to say Hi. Best decision ever, she was super nice. Here are some pics of the weekend!